I felt like if I could just find someone to date, to fill the void, to be a father for my daughters, it would make me feel better. Then I would be fixed and everything would be ok. ⁠

But the grieving doesn’t go away. ⁠

Let me tell you, it’s amazing to have a supportive 2nd husband who loves my kids and me. But at the end of the day, my girls are still missing Steve, their 1st dad. And I’m missing him too. They have 2 dads now. ⁠

The missing will never go away. I will never be “fixed.”⁠

I will have a heart with a bit of a scar on it from where it was broken. It won’t go back to how it was before. ⁠

But that also is good. Because I don’t want to forget Steve or stop loving him. ⁠

For those of you on your new widowed journey, you may be thinking about dating again. We’re all on our own timetables and journeys. ⁠

I just want you to know, it won’t fix you. You aren’t broken, just grieving. ⁠