Weight loss is something people are often seeking.  They come into my office in hopes of finding the next ‘thing’ that will finally make the weight magically disappear.

I relate to this as I myself have tried, or been tempted to try, almost every magical thing out there.

Here’s the sad truth though – diets don’t work.  It is actually a solid predictor of future weight gain.  If you diet now, you are virtually guaranteed to gain more weight later.

So, if we KNOW that it won’t work, why do we keep trying the next cleanse, diet, shake, program or surgery available?

Because we believe that with weight loss, we will finally be happy, healthy, confident, get a better job, find that great man, have endless energy, and so on.  We believe it so much that we will spend our savings; we will spend all our spare time on this to the
exclusion of our family and friends.

Sadly, we missed the boat, and we keep missing it.  What we have yet to realize is that it is confidence, energy, happiness and health that will RESULT in weight loss.  That’s right folks! Weight loss is a result of the things we seek through weight loss.  No wonder this has been so hard!

So my approach to weight loss will seem backwards to things that you have tried in the past.  It will be slow and it will try your patience. There will be no diet to follow.

What we will do is assess your current lifestyle, your current state of health, and your current state of mind.  Then we will start making changes that will improve your sleep, your digestion, your energy and your mood.  Doesn’t that sound good?

So if you’re tired of playing the same game and losing, then I’m the one that you want to work with.
And if you’re looking to lose X pounds by such-and-such date, then I’m not the one for you.

The Learn How To Eat program will be changing to reflect this approach.  Keep checking back for updates.  January 2012 will be the launch of an excited program to end dieting forever!



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