1. You STILL don’t feel well. All your tests are “normal” and your current health provider has taken you as far as he or she can. You are still not feeling well. A Naturopathic Doctor will help bring your body back into balance.
2. We work in partnership with you. You are the expert in you and how you feel. I am the expert in the detective work to figure out the underlying cause of your health issue. Working together, we will discover the root cause of WHY you are not well.
3. You don’t like waiting to see the doctor. Your time spent in our waiting room is very little if at all. We realize your time is valuable and aim to be on time and give you the time you need to fully explain your health concerns and goals.
4. You have benefits. Most extended health care plans cover Naturopathic Medicine. Does yours? You can find out by giving your company a quick call.
5. You want to be drug-free. You don’t want to take many medications that may or may not be causing other problems. Many people want to deal with their health concerns the natural way. A Naturopathic Doctor helps you sort through all the supplements and creates an individualized plan for you.
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