Adrenal function is hugely related to our energy levels, our quality of sleep and our quality of life in general.  Until now, the only way that I knew how to measure adrenal function was through saliva testing.  While accurate, it is expensive and can take weeks to get results.

But now…we have an in-house lab!

One of the tests available is the Koenisburg Test.  It measures urinary chloride output.  This is an excellent way to get a sense of where adrenal function is at.  Basically this means we can measure how well your body is dealing with your stress.

Stress affects all of my patients.  Some people have a lot of external stressors like work, family obligations and lack of sleep.  Others have more internal stressors like anxiety and worry.  Both kinds of stress affect the body in the same way.

If your adrenal glands are pumping out way too much cortisol, then they are in hyper-functioning mode.

If your adrenal glands are not pumping out much cortisol at all, then they are in hypo-functioning mode.

This distinction is really important as different herbs are needed for hyper-functioning adrenal glands than for hypo-functioning glands.  If you give the herbs for low adrenal function to someone who is still in high adrenal mode, they will feel more agitated and worse than before they took the herbs at all.  If you give someone in low adrenal mode the herbs that a high adrenal function person needs, then they will not see any difference at all.

This is why in-house testing is so lovely.  For $10 we can avoid the experiment and get to the right herbal blend faster.

Want to know what your adrenal glands are doing?  Book your appointment online.

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