Teas for Pregnancy

Teas for Pregnancy

We get this question all the time! Our patient comes in for a visit, newly pregnant, and wants to know which teas she can continue drinking.

I know you think there’s a lot to be afraid of. This new little life growing inside of you depends on you. So you want to know everything you can do to keep him or her as safe as possible.

I get it – I grew 2 of those inside me.

But the other thing you should know is that fear, worry and anxiety aren’t good for your baby either.  The more you can do to try to reduce stress, the better.

So, take this guide, have a time-out and drink some tea. It’s a good start.

Here’s your tea guide.

  1. Some herbs are safe – stick to this list and if you are interested in taking herbal capsules or treatment to treat something like Nausea & Vomiting, UTI, Yeast Infections, Colds or Iron Deficiency, come talk to us first.
  2. Rotate teas – don’t drink the same kind of tea day in and day out all the time. It’s best if you have a few that you like and rotate through them.
  3. Max 3 cups a day. Beverage and nutritive teas are considered safe in pregnancy in moderate amounts. We usually say max 3 cups a day but remember to rotate. So ideally not the same type all day long.

Teas to Choose From:

If you have questions about something that isn’t on this list, let us know and we’d be happy to tell you if it’s something that would be good for you for the short term or should be avoided completely.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Whitney Young, ND