Rock Bottom for Moms

As I sit here writing the last chapter of my book about Rock Bottom for Moms, I’m thinking of all the women out there who’ve hit their rock bottom during motherhood like me. I’m thinking about their mom guilt. Mom’s feel guilty about not being the mom they want to be. That their rock bottom moment […]

When will I see him again?

Please don’t ask me when I’ll see Tim again. It hurts my heart. This is definitely not how I imagined my marriage going. Being a widowed person, remarried, I had high hopes of living with my new husband. Finally getting to do the day-to-day things I had been missing after Steve died. I was tired […]

You’re not broken, just grieving

I felt like if I could just find someone to date, to fill the void, to be a father for my daughters, it would make me feel better. Then I would be fixed and everything would be ok. ⁠ ⁠ But the grieving doesn’t go away. ⁠ ⁠ Let me tell you, it’s amazing to […]

I miss hugs

Human Touch.⁠⁠ I remember when I was newly widowed. That first year I was lucky to have such amazing support from my family and close friends. ⁠⁠I got hugs and cuddles daily from my toddler and newborn. But obviously something was missing. ⁠⁠ I remember going to see my osteopath and getting a treatment. He […]

Happily Ever After

Here’s my Top 9 of 2019 from my Instagram @drwhitneyyoung You know what?  I think you like love. I think you like a good love story and a happy ending.  So do I. I love romantic comedies and all those sappy holiday movies that I watched over the last month that end with them falling […]