Why IV therapy?

I’ve been doing IV therapy for a number of months now with great success. Here we have a mini-video on IV treatments, to see it click here: Whitney discussing IV Therapy I have been seeing quite a few patients with a number of disorder who are all benefiting from IV vitamin and nutrient therapy. They include […]

Simple Quinoa Salad

We had a great open house this past June and our recipes were a hit! Each of our practitioners brought a dish and we gave out the recipes to those in attendance. Here is Katherine Parent (our nutritionist’s) recipe. Her source is www.tablespoon.com Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups Quinoa 3 cups water 1 large handful fresh […]

Chocolate for Breakfast

I adapted this recipe from Elanaspantry.com I omitted the salt and added a few dates as well. If you would like to continue receiving recipes and info, sign up for our newsletter through our website. Gluten-free Almond power bars (Adapted from recipe from www.elanaspantry.com. thank you!) 2 cups almonds (raw) ½ cup flax meal (flax […]

Book Review – Vitamin Cure for Migraines

Vitamin cure for migraines: how to prevent and treat migraine headaches by Steve Hickey, Ph.D. A patient of mine was reading this book and it peaked my interest. What else could I learn about how to treat migraines? The book was well written and most of it could be understood by the typical consumer. The […]

Green Tip – Coconut oil…and then some!!

I have been experimenting off and on with consuming more of a raw diet for the last few months now. I will admit some weeks are more raw than others, but even just getting more fruits and veggies into my diet has made me feel much better. One of the main oils used in the […]

C-Section Babies and Probiotics

Babies are born by cesarean section (c-section) for a variety of reasons such as a long labour at risk of infection and if the mother or the baby’s health is at risk. When a baby is born naturally and vaginally through the birth canal head first, it takes up the bacteria from the canal. The […]