When will I see him again?

Please don’t ask me when I’ll see Tim again. It hurts my heart. This is definitely not how I imagined my marriage going. Being a widowed person, remarried, I had high hopes of living with my new husband. Finally getting to do the day-to-day things I had been missing after Steve died. I was tired […]

Define the love you want first

In honour of the anniversary of our first date…⁠⁠How will you know the person you are meant to be with until you define who he is? ⁠⁠Before I met Tim I had dated a little. After a few short-lived relationships I decided to write out a list of the qualities of the man I was […]

Happily Ever After

Here’s my Top 9 of 2019 from my Instagram @drwhitneyyoung You know what?  I think you like love. I think you like a good love story and a happy ending.  So do I. I love romantic comedies and all those sappy holiday movies that I watched over the last month that end with them falling […]