IV Therapy Lounge – Grand Opening

We had a wonderful open house last week! Thank you to everyone who came to wish us well and check out the new space. Thank you to Mayor Jeff Lehman for helping with our ribbon cutting ceremony. If you haven’t come back in awhile, come check out our space and new supplements! For more pictures […]

Breech Babies Turn 30% More With Our Therapy

At our clinic we often use the Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique known as moxibustion to help turn babies from breech into the proper birth position. Now, there is scientific evidence proving its effectiveness published in 2013 “Acupuncture and Medicine” journal. 3 arms of the study were compared: True moxibustion plus regular prenatal care was compared […]

How Should We Have Sex?

Ok, maybe this is getting a little technical but if you’ve been trying for a few months or more here might be a few more tweaks you could make to your routine. Most of the sperm is in the first spurt of ejaculate. Therefore, the man should try to penetrate deeply and remain still while […]