Natural Solutions for Bug Bites

Hey there, I recorded this short video for you about how to prevent and treat bug bites in your little ones. Enjoy! Let me know if you need help. Feel free to book a free meet the doctor to chat more. Whitney

Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia

When I attended my seminar on IV therapy a few weeks ago, one of the health issues that came up a few times was fibromyalgia (FM). Myers cocktails can work exceptionally well for the pain associated with fibromyalgia. One type of patient with FM can be described as the following: Chronically tired Muscles that never […]

9 Choices of Extremely Happy People

I’ve been receiving The Eco Parent magazine which is a fabulous magazines and I highly recommend subscriptions to it. I pulled out an article about “sustainable happiness”  a few months ago and it has been sitting on my desk. I love each point and I think it’s a worthwhile list to revisit every couple of […]

Top 5 Books to Read During Pregnancy

These are the top 5 books I recommend women and their partners read while they are pregnant. These are a combination of books to prepare for a natural birth as well as what to do with the baby after it’s born and breastfeeding. I want women to know that they have the capability to have […]

Mental health – it’s not all in your head

Did you know that most of the serotonin that your body produces is in your intestines?  Serotonin is the chemical the tends to be low in depression. Far too often people believe or are told that’s in all in their head.  Attitude is everything and you just need to think positively.  While this is partly […]