Loving After Loss

Loving after loss is really hard for many people. I know a lot of people who are divorced, widowed, or single who are terrified to love again.  They don’t want to have the loss, the grief, or the complication again.  I get that. But I wanted to love again.  Brene Brown wrote “We are biologically, cognitively, […]

You’re not broken, just grieving

I felt like if I could just find someone to date, to fill the void, to be a father for my daughters, it would make me feel better. Then I would be fixed and everything would be ok. ⁠ ⁠ But the grieving doesn’t go away. ⁠ ⁠ Let me tell you, it’s amazing to […]

Define the love you want first

In honour of the anniversary of our first date…⁠⁠How will you know the person you are meant to be with until you define who he is? ⁠⁠Before I met Tim I had dated a little. After a few short-lived relationships I decided to write out a list of the qualities of the man I was […]

Making Moments Matter

I had a harder time with Father’s Day than I expected. But actually it hit me a day later when I sat down with my counsellor. “How are you doing?” she asked. The tears started coming. My younger daughter turned 4 the day before Father’s Day. The collision of the two special days did me […]

Car Crying – 3 Steps to Grieving While Driving

Ok, your first step is to actually park your car. I’ve mislead you a bit with my subtitle. It’s true, I have driven while crying, that’s not unheard of. But let’s be clear, I’d really like you to pull over and then cry. I’ll get to my 3 steps shortly. I’m not opposed to showing […]

His Funeral was My Funeral

  His funeral was my funeral in more ways than one.  It was my funeral because it was the end of my life as I knew it. It was also a glimpse at what my funeral would look like. Steve died so suddenly that we didn’t have a chance to speak of his wishes around […]