Gluten free breaded chicken

Our patients so often wonder what they can make for their family on a busy weekday. Here is a quick and easy way to get chicken in the oven and have it all gobbled up at the table! You will need: 3 Tbsp gluten free flour (sorghum, millet, oat, starch, whatever you have) 3/4 cup […]

Warm Cabbage Salad with Goat Cheese

Here is a wonderful recipe that was discovered years ago and then forgotten about. I’m not sure that this is the exact one I found year ago, but it is delicious all the same. Thank-you Salad is such a lovely way to get your veggies in but sometimes we get tired of green leafy […]

Butternut squash stew

Since Jack Frost isn’t quite ready to go yet we figured that you are needing some more healthy comfort food recipes. This is an easy stew that is wonderful on a cool day.  It makes 4 servings. With prep you will need about 40 minutes to get this on the table (about 10-15 of that […]

Spanish Rice Recipe

Need to spice up your side dishes? Here is a wonderful warm comfort food recipe to try. You can use honey instead of sugar and omit the salt without sacrificing any flavour!  

Gluten free spaghetti and meatballs recipe

Spaghetti and meatballs is such a lovely dish when you need a quick comfort food. When you are gluten free and egg free, that gets a little bit more challenging. Not anymore! Here is a recipe for gluten free, egg free meatballs. They freeze wonderfully and are super delicious. Make a big batch, wrap them […]

Oatmeal Pancakes

We love oatmeal but sometimes a new variation is nice. These oatmeal pancakes were something that I saw on Pintrest and decided to try. We just loved them. A nice quick breakfast for the middle of the week. The night before, cook up a pot of oatmeal (just use the directions on the package). We […]