Acupuncture improves your fertility

Acupuncture treatments are one of the biggest reasons women and men struggling to get pregnant come see us at Rooted for our Fertility Tranquility Program. They’ve heard from a friend or read online that acupuncture can help them get pregnant. It’s true. There are studies to support the use of acupuncture during your fertility journey. […]

Start with this Fertility Book First

This is my go-to book for women wanting to get pregnant or coming off the birth control pill. Our bodies send us signals to let us know what is happening. For most women, our cycles are a mystery! I can admit, mine was too. I had no clue that I could watch the subtle signs […]

Boost your fertility by doing nothing

I was at the Asian Integrative Medicine Symposium a couple of weekends ago listening to a seminar about Chinese Medicine and Artificial Reproductive Techniques (translation: acupuncture for IVF). The speaker was amazing and I grabbed quite a few tips from him that day.  Here is one that I believe to be brilliant. Sit and do […]