We love supporting Moms and Dads through pregnancies whether it’s your first or subsequent baby.

We can see you at any time during your pregnancy for any reason but here are 2 popular options our patients enjoy:

Option 1: Monthly Continuous Care

Appointments every month to address your specific concerns as well as the typical concerns that come along with each stage you are in. We will cover things such as:

We will also support you if you have an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed along with all the pregnancy stuff such as:

Option 2: Trimester Visits

4 visits: 1 visit in each trimester plus 1st baby appointment

1st Trimester 

2nd Trimester

3rd Trimester

New Baby Intake

*You also have the options for weekly acupuncture series for miscarriage prevention at the beginning and/or labour prep & induction at the end.

Interested but not sure? Meet one of the doctors and have your questions answered by booking your free 15 min introduction here or by calling 705-792-6717