Treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Often, when asked about PMS, women say “oh, just the usual stuff. I manage.” Just because it’s common for women to experience PMS, does not mean that it’s normal and that you just have to deal with it.

A Naturopathic Doctor uses a number of modalities that can help alleviate PMS and PMDD by:

PMS is a syndrome that affects 30-40% of menstruating women. For most of these women, the symptoms are mild and tolerable. But for many, the symptoms of PMS interfere with their lives. PMDD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, is a much more severe condition that layers depression, irritability and severe mood swings on top of PMS symptoms.

Only one of the following symptoms needs to be present for a diagnosis of PMS to be made. The symptom(s) must happen in the last half of your cycle, peak close to your period and subside with flow or during menstruation. PMS symptoms include:

PMS is a complex issue that involves many systems in a woman’s body, including mental and emotional factors. A holistic treatment approach is therefore most effective.

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Irregular or difficult periods

Periods should happen at regular intervals.  They should be relatively symptoms free as well.

There are many reasons why they may be happening too often, or not enough:

Once we get to the root of the problem, we can start to relieve your frustration.

What defines menstrual issues?

What affects periods?

PMS Program

Our program involves getting to know you and your specific symptoms and then creating a plan which works for you. We will use our therapies that we know work and get you to a much better place.

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