So there I was, feeding my nine month old son, watching CBC, when I heard it – organic food is not any more healthy than conventionally grown produce.
I had so much to say, and only Patrick to speak to. It was at that moment that I knew it was time for me to blog.
And so, here I am writing my first. Welcome.

Back to the organic food thing for a moment. I think these studies are necessary but misleading. Unfortunately, most people won’t seek out the actual study and read it before making their decision. From what I see, people from both sides of the argument are using the same study to support their point of view.

We as a culture are so dissociated from our food. How many people really think about what is on their plate and where it came from? For those who would like to explore this, I recommend Micheal Pollen’s books The Omnivore’s Dilemna and In Defense of Food. These books were the first that I read that echoed my thoughts. He presents the argument beautifully. He discusses organics grown at a small local farmer, vs. organics grown in a pesticide-free agri-business. Visit to obtain a copy.

Here’s what I think. Grow some lettuce in your backyard or in on your deck in a box. Cut some, wash it (or not) and eat it right away. Buy some lettuce from the supermarket. Wash it, and eat it right away. If you can’t taste the difference, then go ahead and keep buying from the supermarket. Me? I’m going to grow what I can, then I’ll walk down my street and buy the rest from the local farmers.

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