A Myer’s Cocktail is a combination of vitamins and electrolytes given intravenously in high therapeutic doses. The name came from Dr. John Myers MD who pioneered the use of these IV vitamins in this combination. There can be slight variations in the number and quantity of vitamins used. The formulation that we use has Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Dexpanthenol (B5) and Pyridoxine (B6). Myer’s Cocktails can be a very attractive treatment modality and has become very popular treatment for patients in our clinic.

Common uses for Myer’s Cocktails include:

  1. Patients who come to us very ill, especially those that have been having chronic bowel issues and malabsorption.
  2. People with poor immune function who tend to get sick easily or have chronic sinusitis.
  3. Chronic issues such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  4. Athletes commonly do a Myer’s Cocktail before and after a marathon to help speed recovery
  5. Cancer treatments and protocols often use high dose Vitamin C
  6. Hives of unknown origin will often respond well to Myer’s Cocktails


For patients who are quite ill or run down, we typically recommend doing a Myer’s Cocktail every 7-10 days for 3-4 treatments to get their levels back up. We would then recommend that patients follow their intuition. Patients can usually tell when they need another cocktail. It is common for patients to do one every month or two until they feel like they are back on track and then they may do one every 3-4 months for maintenance and then on as as-needed basis if they start to feel run down, get fatigues, or start to get upper-respiratory infections.


Please email or book a free meet the doctor visit online to find out more about Myer’s Cocktails and if they are the right treatment for you.