Happy New Year Mama!

New Year’s is always like a fresh start. It’s like a brand new beginning. Where things can be a bit different and you can be a better mom and do things a little bit differently. It gives us a little bit of motivation to try new things, new recipes, new ways of thinking.

Every year I contemplate my intentions for the coming year and I like to pick a word that will encompass or guide my year. Last year my word was faith.

Last year my word was Faith

Faith in myself, faith in my decisions and faith in the future that I was building. Faith that everything was going to work out just as it should. Sometimes the faith wasn’t there or shaky. But I could always return to that word and feel it again.

Have you thought of yours yet? 

For me, how I found it was just thinking about this coming year of 2020. What my vision for it is. How I want to feel. What I hope to accomplish at home, with the kids, at work. I journaled and brainstormed then saw how each word on the page felt for me. 

My word will help guide me over the next year. I can use it to ask myself questions to make sure I’m on the right track. It can help remind me of the core of what I need this year. 

This year my word is Ignite. 


I’m ready to ignite my world with more passion, love and fun. To brighten up my family life. To turn mundane into magical. To ignite those around me to feel inspired and hopeful. To ignite the ideas and dreams within me to the surface to burn brightly. To help others ignite the dreams and passions within themselves. So we can all live a life filled with passion and purpose. 

I’d love to know your word if you feel like sharing and why you chose it.