I just read an article about a possible link between a man’s urinary BPA level and the quality of his sperm. They found a weak link between high BPA levels and decreased sperm quality (DNA damage, shape, and ability to swim). The authors clearly state that there needs to be more research before any firm conclusions are drawn. So what do you do with this information?

My husband and I spent two years trying to become pregnant with our son Patrick. It is an exceedingly frustrating time in a couple’s life. If I had this information back then, my husband would not have been drinking out plastic bottles or eating his favorite quick meal of a can of pork and beans!

We know that BPA is not safe for women who are trying to conceive or babies (see the link to Canada’s regulations) becasue of it’s negative effects on hormones and nervous system development. I extend this to include all adolescents as well, so why not men who are trying to conceive? It’s not a long stretch.

And really, when you’re in such a difficult time in your life, and the changes will only augment your quality of life anyway, why not make the necessary changes? Buy some stainless steel bottles and move toward a whole food diet with less packaged foods.  Done.

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