This was forwarded to me from one of my patients.  It is touching and just what some of you need to hear.  Thanks Liz 🙂


Letter from Your Unborn Child

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you’re there. Sometimes, when you let go a little bit, I can feel you.

And yet, to you I feel like an unfulfilled wish, a memory that hasn’t yet occurred.

I think you know I’m here, too. I know at some level you can feel my pull. Perhaps it’s what keeps you going on this path that has been so hard for you. It doesn’t have to be, you know.

You don’t have to force me to come. The laws of the universe are not altered by struggling, groveling or prayers of desperation.

Remember, I am a miracle, and I’m looking for light.

I’m looking for an opening. Receptivity. Softness. The life force needs an opening to express itself.

Sometimes I see yours, but your struggling effort to do everything right closes it off before I can reach you.

Relax your body and quiet your senses. Return to your deepest self. That’s what I’m drawn to.

It doesn’t matter to me if you think positive thoughts all the time. Be who you are. Be where you are, not where you think you should be. Honor yourself. When you are angry, stomp your feet. Yell. When you are sad, cry. When you are frightened, see beyond to the miracle, Clear the way.

Please don’t force yourself to do anything that feels like it will hurt you in order to get me. I won’t come that way.

It does matter that you nourish and care for yourself.  Only you can be responsible for your well-being, and I want you to be here for me, for a long time.

You won’t be able to accept and love me fully and without conditions until you can first do this for yourself. Be a vessel of yourself fully, before you try to be a vessel for me.

Pay attention to that still small voice inside of you that longs to experience unconditional love. And express that love where you are, now.

Don’t wait for me to come before you live your life. Live and love your life fully

How can I love being a part of your life if you don’t?

Remember, I’m a miracle, and I’m looking for your light. I’m looking for an opening, for your receptivity.

There must be space in your lives, for you and for me.

If you scramble about in search of me, you will lose me.

Pay attention to your deepest self. That’s where the light is. That’s where the opening is.

I can see your light when you’re laughing, when you’re dancing, and even when you cry.

I see it when you’re real.

Please stop listening to all the outside voices telling you what you should do.

Nobody out there has your answer.

Listen to the still, small voice inside that still lives in the miraculous.

I am still in spirit, and I’m drawn to yours.

You don’t know how or when I’m coming to you.

But I will come on my own time, in my own way, if you let me.

Loosen your grasp. Lower your expectations about how it’s all supposed to look. Whatever your expectations, I’ll never live up to them.

I am not your image of me. I am so much more.  I am a whisper of possibility that arises out of the depths of nature’s way.

Consider the possibility that I have been orchestrating this entire journey so that you can learn to open your heart to yourself so you can open to me.

Hope. Trust. Open.

Remember, I am a miracle.

So are you.

I am unconditional love waiting to manifest. So are you. Allow me to enter in my way. Stop fighting, forcing, pleading, and researching how to get me. I come when you stop trying to control life.

I come out of Grace.

Open your way to the miracle.

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