As many of you know,  I am not opposed to medication.  I am opposed to treating a condition that isn’t there which is why proper diagnosis is so very important.  A proper diagnosis is given after extensive interviews, paperwork, and tests.  It takes months, not days or weeks.

Maclean’s has written a wonderful article that is worth reading regardless of your viewpoint on this.  It speaks to the reasons why some believe ADHD is being over-diagnosed.

To all you mom’s out there who are questioning a diagnosis given to your child, this article can give you confidence.

As for my opinion, I believe that our school system needs to educate teachers on how to modify the classroom so that everybody can learn.  Some kids are not wired to sit and focus and follow directions to the T.  Some kids are full of energy and NEED to burn it in order to focus.

I’d like to see how we can encourage our children to think for themselves and not blindly follow direction.  I’d like to see teachers be willing to be challenged.  Maybe that four-year old has a good point when they ask ‘why?’.  Why does it have to be done that way?  Maybe if the tea

I have learned a lot from Patrick challenging me.  Sometimes I do things just because it’s the way my parents did it or simply because I’m demanding obedience.  While sometimes obedience is not-optional, many times when I stop and think, he has a good point.  Why can’t he do it his way?

When I listen and modify my behaviour because he has a good point, I believe that I am instilling in him that his voice counts.  I also believe that I am teaching him to listen to what others think and to consider if it’s valid before dismissing their ideas.



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