Ok, maybe this is getting a little technical but if you’ve been trying for a few months or more here might be a few more tweaks you could make to your routine.

Most of the sperm is in the first spurt of ejaculate. Therefore, the man should try to penetrate deeply and remain still while ejaculating so that the majority of sperm will be deposited at the cervix, allowing access to the cervical opening.

Lubricants – most lubricants, oils and even saliva can kill sperm. If you’d like to use a lubricant, use Pre-Seed. It is designed to be similar to natural body secretions and provide an optimal environment for sperm.

Position – there is some speculation that the best position is the traditional missionary position for deep penetration to get closes to the cervix. Afterwards, you can remain laying up to 30 minutes with a small pillow under your bum.

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