10 tips to lowering your cholesterol through food

1-    Fiber needs to be the main focus of lowering cholesterol.  It is with fiber that your body will be able to eliminate excess cholesterol.  Eat 25-30g of fiber daily.

2-    Saturated fats – these need to be kept to a minimum.  The main source is usually dairy (but all animal fats are saturated).  Keep dairy products to a minimum (milk, cheese, ice cream etc.).  Try alternatives like soy, rice and almond products to replace milk, cheese and ice cream.  When you choose to eat dairy, please stay clear of fat-free as these are chalked full of artificial sweeteners and other synthetic chemicals.

3-    Reduce simple sugars.  Simple sugars include baked goods, sweets, white and refined flour products.  Sugar causes fluctuations in your blood sugar and insulin levels.  This leads to a decreased ability to metabolize fats and increased cholesterol.

4-    Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats.  Found in deep-fried foods and many pre-packaged foods.  Read the labels.

5-    Adding foods like celery, onions, garlic and slow-cooking oatmeal can reduce cholesterol.

6-    Limit coffee to one per day.

7-    Remove chlorine from your drinking water.

8-    Use olive oil for cooking.  When recipes require a lighter taste, use canola oil.  Consume 2 tablespoons daily.

9-    Practice deep breathing or meditation daily.  Relaxation techniques open your arteries and allow the blood to flow more smoothly.

10-  RAW walnuts and almonds: ¼ – ½ cup daily.

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