Here’s my Top 9 of 2019 from my Instagram @drwhitneyyoung

You know what? 

I think you like love. I think you like a good love story and a happy ending. 

So do I.

I love romantic comedies and all those sappy holiday movies that I watched over the last month that end with them falling in love or having their first kiss. 

But it doesn’t show the real rawness, the stress and excitement of new relationships, the heartache of the first fight, the inevitable misunderstandings, the ups and downs of figuring out how to live together with a blended family.

I’m extremely happy with this next chapter of my life as I was with the chapter that had my first marriage in it. 

I want you to know that these shining happy moments with the beautiful memories are only part of me. 

The grief, the loss, the anger, the sadness. Those also are part of me and my story. 

This next part of my journey, the one that I’m so excited to start on and be part of, will have so many parts to it. I will love the best ones and grow from the tough ones. 

That’s life after all. Choosing love over and over again. Getting up when you fall down. Apologizing for a bad mood, a misstep and getting back to the love. 

Thank you for all for being a part of my journey and for cheering us on.