Last night I made Millet Stuffed Portobello mushrooms for supper. Wow – delicious!
I had my business coach over, Kathy Hay, and since she’s a vegetarian, I served the mushrooms with steamed cauliflower and the bean salad that she brought over. It was filling, tasty, healthy, and full of good fibre and protein. Paired nicely with the Shiraz we had too.

My husband, Brendan, believes that it would have been a lovely accompaniment to a grilled rib steak – and I happen to agree!
It didn’t take long to get the millet in the pan and simmering. Then there is a 25 minute wait time – good time for preparation of the side dishes – before you can stuff the mushroom tops. Then, they are in the oven for almost half an hour, so you have time to get the table ready and actually cook any side dishes. So, not a quick crazy weeknight meal, but certainly not a slave-all-afternoon meal either. From start to finish, about an hour and fifteen.
It is always nice to find recipes that you can please the whole crowd with. Served as a stand alone healthy vegetarian meal, or as a side dish to round off a nice steak, these mushrooms hold up. I will definitely make them again (and Brendan said that he would happily eat them again – which is not often said about vegetarian meals!).
Happy eating!
Kerri Fullerton ND

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