As promised, here is a list of conversions for using different flours.  For each one cup of wheat flour in a recipe, you would substitute the amount given of the different flour.  For example, if I wanted to use buckwheat flour in a recipe and it called for 1 cup wheat flour, then I would use 7/8 cup of buckwheat flour.

My experience is that when I use two or more flours, I get better results.  When I’ve used only rice flour, they don’t come out as well.  Combining a bean flour with a grain flour seems to be the best combination.

note: 1/8 cup = 2 Tbsp

For one cup wheat flour, substitute:

Now, here is the part that I have been historically forgetting.  Yesterday, I remembered to add the guar gum, and I believe that was what made the difference in these fabulous muffins.

For each cup of gluten-free flour, use:

Happy baking!  When you get it right, the whole family can enjoy the same foods, and that makes life so much easier!

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