Helping You Raise Happy Healthy Kids

Baby Food Basics 

Introducing foods to your baby can be one of the most joyful times but can also be the most confusing and scary times. Join Dr. Whitney Young, ND, Supermom Mentor and learn about going from “Milk to Meals.” This workshop is full of information about the foods you should start with, how to introduce peanuts, how to prevent food allergies and food sensitivities and much more.

Mommy Confidential Masterclass

How to be a confident mom and raise confident kids. Strong self-esteem is associated with life-long health & success for kids. Raising a confident kid starts from the very beginning and it starts with you. Join me to discover what you can start doing NOW to help your child’s confidence as well as your own. 

The Supermom Method Masterclass

This Live event is for moms who are feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed and want more calm, confidence and connection with their kids and in their lives. Join us for this Live event if you want to be the mom of their dreams… and the woman of yours.