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Who I Am

After working for years at YMCA Camp PineCrest, a sleepover camp for kids, I knew my passions lived with helping to create healthy kids who are confident, free to be themselves and cared about the environment. This would continue to be an underlying passion of mine. This was the same time I started Naturopathic College after completing a Biology degree at McMaster University.

After I had been practicing a little while, I discovered I also loved working with women, their PMS and fertility issues. After meeting Kerri Fullerton and finding we were a great partnership we teamed up at Rooted. We developed the Healthy Babies, Happy Moms program which starts with fixing PMS (it’s not normal!), fertility and creating healthy kids from the start.

I am now a Superbaby & Supermom Mentor 

This starts with fertility. The fertility journey is like a mystery novel. There are many twists and turns and scary moments but in the end you want to know everything will be alright even if the ending isn’t what you expected.

Then into motherhood you want the energy, confidence and health to be able to raise healthy, happy & hearty kids without the Mommy Guilt! That’s where my private Facebook Group, Guiltless Graces comes in.

What I Can Do For You

When we start to work together we will do an intake including health history and physical exam. We may include blood work, food allergy tests and/or hormone questionnaires. We will also look at test reports you may already have done. I get you started on a few things and then we meet again in 1-2 weeks to go over the findings and make a plan together. You are the one who will actually be doing the plan so I want you to feel excited and on board about it. The number of times I see you depends on what’s going on. It’s not a quick fix so definitely plan at least a 3 month commitment.

I’m a Barrie Naturopathic Doctor.

Getting to your ideal health with Naturopathic Medicine is like planning the perfect wedding. It’s about putting all right elements together for your unique event (or health). It’s about picking the best of the invitations, the best DJ, the best of the venues, the best dress, and the right groom of course! Using the best of all that’s available and putting it all together at the right times creates that perfect wedding and your ideal healthy life.

What You Get

Generally people feel better gradually while we work together. Sorry, there is no magic pill but there are unique solutions for you. People start to notice:

All that being said, my main passion in life is to create the healthiest, smartest babies that will save the world! The first start is feeding them right….

Here is my 30 Day Super Baby Program which starts with walking you step by step through food introduction: 2

Let’s Get Started

I would love to start working with you to help you achieve your health goals and live the life you want. If this sounds good to you, please book your initial intake with me at the clinic.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Whitney Young, ND

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