If you are pregnant or on your fertility journey, thinking about having a doula is something to put on your list. We chose to have a doula for a few reasons.

  1. My husband works out of town and I wanted to have someone there if I went into labour in the middle of winter and he was stuck out of town.
  2. I wanted an unbiased person (not family) to help us through the emotional decisions if anything went wrong
  3. My mom had attended other births but I didn’t know what type of support she would give me
  4. I wanted someone there to help me with my breathing, give massage and help with coping strategies in case my husband forgot our pre-natal training or needed assistance or ideas
  5. I didn’t think I wanted photos of the birth but I’m so glad she took them and I have them now
  6. I knew my midwives would be focused on the clinical aspect and wouldn’t come until very close to the birth

Debra was amazing. The birth was amazing. I’ll tell you more about it another time. In the meantime, think about attending this doula information night event if you are curious about doulas.

what is a doula? information night
what is a doula? information night

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