When I ask a women if she ovulates on her own I get a variety of answers.

Some say yes because they use the LH strips or they have been doing IUI’s or they feel ovulation pains.

For many others though, they have  no idea.

If you are just getting started with infertility research it’s important to know that you can have a ‘natural cycle’ done at the Fertility Clinic.  This type of cycle is when you go for the regular blood work and ultrasounds done for IUI’s, it’s just that the cycle is unmedicated and you have sex (vs having the sperm washed and inserted).

These cycles can be very valuable for couples.  You can find out how big the follicles get, how thick the lining is, what day ovulation occurs, and much more.  Not to mention that this monitoring is usually very reasonable in cost.

Once you know what your body is doing, it can be a lot easier to decide if you want to pursue medical inverventions or if you’d like try Naturopathic interventions first.


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