Today I sat at the park and journaled while the kids played. ⁠

I ditched the “should.” ⁠

I “should” go over there and play with them or push them on the swing. I “should” be a more involved mom. I “should” be more engaged. ⁠

But who’s voice was I hearing? ⁠

Where did this come from?⁠

Why couldn’t they be kids, while I be a mom sitting at the park? ⁠

We give ourselves so much mom guilt, it’s ridiculous!⁠

Just enjoy the freaking park. Go sit on a bench, or grass, or bring your own chair and relax.⁠

Ok, maybe some of you aren’t there yet. Your kids actually need you to make sure they don’t fall of the equipment and hurt themselves. ⁠

But where else in your life do you use so many “shoulds?”⁠

Where else in your life do you pile on the “mom guilt?”

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Talk soon,