In honour of the anniversary of our first date…⁠

How will you know the person you are meant to be with until you define who he is? ⁠

Before I met Tim I had dated a little. After a few short-lived relationships I decided to write out a list of the qualities of the man I was looking for. ⁠

Having been married before there were things I liked and didn’t like about my late husband. That’s normal. No one is perfect, right? ⁠

If I had to choose again, I was going to find an amazing man. ⁠

Here is my list of the type of man I was looking for: ⁠

– attractive⁠
– understanding man who’s a good listener⁠
– supportive and my cheerleader⁠
– physically active⁠
– love of learning⁠
– helping and philanthropic⁠
– loves my children⁠
– treats me always with respect⁠
– friendly with others⁠
– calm and patient⁠
– makes room for me in his life⁠
– good with money⁠
– shows me he cares about me and that I’m a priority⁠

I wrote out that list and then I stopped looking. ⁠

I started living. I lived my life for me. I did the things I wanted to do. I built a good life without a man. ⁠

Then I met him. That saying is so annoying – “it’ll happen when you least expect it.”⁠

I looked at my list and he was everything on my list. ⁠

That’s a pretty amazing manifestation. ⁠

So what’s on your list? Are you settling?⁠