We all have heard there is no cure to the common cold, however, there are many ways to prevent getting sick and get better faster if you do get sick.
“I haven’t been sick in years! This is great!” Actually this isn’t that great. Getting a mild cold once in a while is actually good practice for your immune system.
Throughout the whole year it’s important to balance your immune system through diet, sleep, stress management, and botanical medicine. Curing colds doesn’t just start when you get one but taking care of your body so that your colds do not knock you out too hard. Have a natural health care expert assess your current health status to optimize your own personal immune system.
Ginger tea with a kick
Try this recipe at home when you begin to have a cough or cold.

Boil water and pour over gingerroot and cayenne pepper in tea pot. Let steep for 10 minutes then pour into your cup. Add lemon juice and honey. Drink and inhale the vapours for a mini steam-inhalation. (Learn more about Steam Inhalations soon).