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Feeling exhausted from listening to so many opinions of what you “should” be doing with your baby?

Introducing Your One-Stop Resource For Raising A Healthy Baby, Naturally…

It’s Time To Let Go Of The Mommy Guilt

Okay, it’s true — what we do impacts our kids and their health. But it’s time to STOP with the constant Googling, doubting yourself, and questioning whether or not you’re failing on any given day. I want you to let that go!

The best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to get informed with up-to-date + trusted information, and to have a reservoir of resources to pull from when a question comes up.

Making small, informed decisions (one at a time) will help you to feel confident about what you’re doing.

It’s exhausting listening to so many opinions of what we “should” be doing.

The Baby’s First Year program supports you in your own decision-making and helps guide you step-by-step through the process.

All that mommy-stress impacts your little one too. So, let it go and let’s dive into some solutions!

Which Resources Are Included?


  • THE FOURTH TRIMESTER GUIDE — learn how to best nourish yourself during the fourth trimester so you can support your own healing while also nourishing your baby during the first few months of their life
  • BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GUIDE — is this your first time breast feeding? I’ll hook you up with a simple guide to follow that will support you during this crucial step into motherhood


  • BABY BOOSTING FOODS – A go-to guide with the critical foods that will boost your baby’s immune system and the ones that will break it down.
  • BABY FOOD BASICS – From Milk to Meals in 3 Easy Steps. What to feed them, what order and how to do it properly. You’ll also get bonus menus and meal plans and a full step by step list of foods your baby can eat in their first year of solids.
  • FULL TEMPLATES AND TRACKING SHEETS as you introduce foods
  • THE PEANUT PLAN – The 5 steps to take to avoid your child developing a peanut allergy. I
  • WISH I KNEW THESE before my first child was born!
  • IRON-RICH FOODS – Does my baby need iron? What are the best sources? Should I be supplementing?
  • BABY LED WEANING — Learn the best first foods for baby to make starting solids easy and fun
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND – in what you are doing in setting them up for healthy eating


  • POOP PATROL – The steps to take if your baby gets constipated after introducing solids (AND MANY OF THEM DO!)
  • THE 5 D’S OF ALLERGIES – What the science says about developing food allergies and what you can do now to prevent them.
  • FEVER GUIDE — learn what to do when your baby gets a fever
  • SUPPLEMENTS — which ones are needed and when (and which ones you can leave on the shelf)


  • BONUS! Baby-friendly recipes for when they are ready for more than just bananas and applesauce.
  • BONUS! – CRUSH CRADLE CAP – The 5 Steps to beautiful baby heads.