High Cholesterol? It Could Be Your Thyroid.

Do you have high cholesterol? You may want to check your thyroid levels! Earlier this year the U.S. Secretaries of Health and Agriculture joined the American Health Association in stating that dietary cholesterol (the kind we get from eggs and meat products, for example) is no longer a nutrient of concern. After 50 years of […]

Are Low Iron Levels Sabotaging Your Thyroid Hormones?

Iron Basics Low iron is one of the most common things I see in women who walk through my door. It’s also one of the most common tests we run and we do this by looking at ferritin levels (a measure of iron stores in your body). The normal reference range for ferritin is anywhere […]

Confused about Food Sensitivities? Here’s the Deal…

Food allergies vs. intolerances vs. sensitivities. What’s the difference and why does it matter? The terms food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies are often confused or (incorrectly) used interchangeably. When Naturopathic Doctors are investigating digestive concerns, we use all three of these terms to determine what might be causing your symptoms and how to best to […]

What you need to know about testing women’s hormones

When a woman goes to the doctor and says “I think my hormones are all messed up” she may be given a requisition to test her hormones.  When she’s told that her hormones are fine and brings the results to us, we often ask her to do them again.  Here’s why: The day of your […]

Why you should have a physical exam

There seems to be a trend forming amongst some MD’s.  They say that unless you have an indication of a disease, a physical exam is not necessary until the age of 40. So one of my patients had been off anti depressants for some time and she was feeling like her energy was low and […]

How do you test for PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a complex condition and diagnosis involves a few tests. Firstly, we want to know how many androgens you have floating through your blood.  These are hormones that are typically higher in men like testosterone and DHEA-s.  These hormones are responsible for the symptoms of: acne hirsutism (coarse hair on your […]