Car Crying – 3 Steps to Grieving While Driving

Ok, your first step is to actually park your car. I’ve mislead you a bit with my subtitle. It’s true, I have driven while crying, that’s not unheard of. But let’s be clear, I’d really like you to pull over and then cry. I’ll get to my 3 steps shortly. I’m not opposed to showing […]

Meet our new intern

Do you have a friend or family member who would benefit from seeing a naturopath but has limited funds? Now is the perfect opportunity to become a patient and get an individualized plan. Francesca is joining our clinic this week for the next couple months to complete her naturopathic studies. Her super powers: She’s a […]

Doulas in Barrie

If you are pregnant or on your fertility journey, thinking about having a doula is something to put on your list. We chose to have a doula for a few reasons. My husband works out of town and I wanted to have someone there if I went into labour in the middle of winter and […]

Turbo Tanya

Fitness studios can be intimidating to many people.  Whether they are first time exercisers or they are currently experiencing bad body image, many gyms can be overwhelming. Many fitness instructors are small, fit, and have never been overweight.  Many of them follow a strict diet and exercise program to keep themselves trim.  For over eaters, this […]