Natural Solutions for Bug Bites

Hey there, I recorded this short video for you about how to prevent and treat bug bites in your little ones. Enjoy! Let me know if you need help. Feel free to book a free meet the doctor to chat more. Whitney

Mommy Moods & Kids Long-Term Health

1 in 5 people will experience mental illness in any given year in Canada. This is truly an epidemic. It doesn’t only affect the person, their jobs, their health, it affects the people around them. Sadly, it has a long-term negative effect on children. The ACEs study of Adverse Childhood Experiences found that children who […]

Making Moments Matter

I had a harder time with Father’s Day than I expected. But actually it hit me a day later when I sat down with my counsellor. “How are you doing?” she asked. The tears started coming. My younger daughter turned 4 the day before Father’s Day. The collision of the two special days did me […]

Supermoms Throw Out the Rules

The biggest lesson I’m learning as a mom is to let go of the strict rules and how I “should” parent, or should do this or that. I’d ask everyone for feedback. What do you do? How do YOU handle this situation with your kids. What SHOULD I do about bedtimes, sleep routines, their diet, […]

Trust Your Mommy Gut

Your Mommy Gut. The little voice inside you or pit in your stomach that whispers, I want to do things differently. Have you ever had that feeling? Where you just didn’t think something was right? Or something wasn’t right for you? The thing is, there are a million different parenting decisions we make every week… […]

The Perils of Parenting

Last night I was running down the stairs into the basement and stepped straight onto an upturned, jewelled tiara. 5 perfect puncture wounds appeared on the bottom of my foot. I could have yelled. I could have demanded the girls tell me which one did it. Who left that on the stairs?! For me to […]