Baking gluten free bread

I have finally found a book that I can recommend for baking gluten free bread.  So far I have made three breads and they have all been fantastic.

Top 5 Books to Read During Pregnancy

These are the top 5 books I recommend women and their partners read while they are pregnant. These are a combination of books to prepare for a natural birth as well as what to do with the baby after it’s born and breastfeeding. I want women to know that they have the capability to have […]

Coming back stronger

I got a kindle for Christmas 🙂 I love it because it can hold so many books at the same time.  You see, I am always reading a book about eating or weight loss, an autobiography or biography, and something else.  Variety is important to me as my mood dictates what I want to read.  […]

The Path to Permanent Weight Loss

I loved teaching the Learn How to Eat, Not How to Diet program.  Every week I was giving the wonderful gift of being with people who so openly shared their struggles and successes with eating and body image. The program is on hiatus until I figure out how to share my thoughts and ideas about […]

Achieving Sucess

My sister-in-law handed me a book a while back.  She’s so good at finding books that I enjoy.  I tend to like real-life adventures of triumph or failure.  There is something about the real account of striving for success that is truely inspiring to me. The Kid Who Climed Everest is proving to be just […]

Stress, nutrition, and adrenals

It’s been years since I’ve read a book with the word ‘diet’ in its title. However, the Thrive Diet by Brandon Brazier was mentioned repeatedly to me by people that I respect. So, I’ve bought the book. Chapter one, the only one that I’ve read yet, is all about stress. This chapter alone is worth […]