Baby Food Basics

I’m back again at Serenity Birth Studio in Barrie to offer my popular Baby Food Basics class to moms and babies. This is a perfect class for babies ages 3-9 months. I’ll answer all your questions about This hour will be full of information about the foods to start with, how to introduce peanuts, foods […]

Five Futures

In April 2020, a mother blue jay fastidiously built her nest outside our kitchen table window in Newton, Massachusetts. It was the spring of the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic and the 7 of us were living together in a pressure-cooker. We 3 Canadians had fled the country before the countries closed their shared […]

Loving After Loss

Loving after loss is really hard for many people. I know a lot of people who are divorced, widowed, or single who are terrified to love again.  They don’t want to have the loss, the grief, or the complication again.  I get that. But I wanted to love again.  Brene Brown wrote “We are biologically, cognitively, […]

Rock Bottom for Moms

As I sit here writing the last chapter of my book about Rock Bottom for Moms, I’m thinking of all the women out there who’ve hit their rock bottom during motherhood like me. I’m thinking about their mom guilt. Mom’s feel guilty about not being the mom they want to be. That their rock bottom moment […]

Coming to You From Boston

Here I am, in my new life. My newly designed life. Not exactly as planned. But I’m thinking outside the box. We all make plans, right? Where to go to school, what to do for a living, who we want to spend our time with.  Then plans change.  The pandemic has changed the trajectory of my […]

Natural Solutions for Bug Bites

Hey there, I recorded this short video for you about how to prevent and treat bug bites in your little ones. Enjoy! Let me know if you need help. Feel free to book a free meet the doctor to chat more. Whitney