I just had an experience with a patient that makes this post seem pertinent. She had her blood work done at the same time as her physical two years ago. When I asked her about the results she said, as most patients say, “they didn’t call me so I guess everything was fine”. We faxed over a release of records to obtain a copy. What we discovered, was that she has been anemic for two years, didn’t know it, and wasn’t being treated for it.

Please understand that I am not ranting about how bad doctors are these days! They are very busy, and have a lot of paper shuffled across their desks everyday. It will happen, by laws of statistics, that something will get missed once in a while.

This post is meant to encourage you to prevent your results from being the ones that get overlooked. Ask for a copy of your results. That way, you know they will be looked at.

Yours in Health,
Kerri Fullerton ND

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