My sister-in-law handed me a book a while back.  She’s so good at finding books that I enjoy.  I tend to like real-life adventures of triumph or failure.  There is something about the real account of striving for success that is truely inspiring to me.

The Kid Who Climed Everest is proving to be just that kind of book.  His candid account of his fears and feelings throughout his journey is both touching and inspiring.

I have never been a trekker or a climber so I had no idea what they went through attempting such things.  Just getting to base camp is a super human feat!

His story is reminding of me of something very important.  Working towards a goal is not all romantic glory.  It gets uncomfortable.  The ones who succeed are willing to endure some discomfort to get to where they want to go.  Those who continue to believe in themselves and remember that they don’t really get to control the situation, are the ones who make it.

Whether the goal is an athletic goal or a financial goal or a business goal – it doesn’t matter.  The biggest obstacle is our minds and our desire to be comfortable.  We need to be able to tap into some grit and move through it when everything in us says we should stop.

If we are trying to manage our money better, we need to watch our daily habits and make the harder choice.  When you’re looking at that new top and it’s a great deal…but is it a need?  If no, then no.

If we are trying to build a business or reach the end of a project, how are we spending our day?  Are we forwarding jokes and updating facebook or are we producing work that takes us closer?

If we are trying to lose weight, are we unconciously eating while watching TV or are we planning our meals and going for that walk?

It’s these not-always-so-comfortable daily choices that make some people make it, and others not.

Here is to being uncomfortable!  Cheers

Yours in Health,

Kerri Fullerton ND

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