Be the hero in their story… and in yours.

Hey there, 

I’m Whitney.  

About 20 years ago I decided to start naturopathic medical school to learn as much as I could about natural health in order to help people feel better. I loved that my visits with patients were longer. That I had the time to LISTEN to ALL of their problems. I loved that I could pair my love of nature with health care. I was also given the opportunity to work on the pediatric intern shift in my last year of school. I have always loved working with kids.  

During my time at naturopathic college I distinctly remember listening to a radio show while getting ready to study for yet another exam. They were talking about the ACEs Study – ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. This list of bad stuff that happens during childhood dramatically changes the course of children’s lives, their long-term health and ultimately their survival.   I was in shock, what could I do? 

I was in shock.   

What could I do?? 

My passion for working with children deepened then.

I believe in preventative medicine. If I can teach you, as parents, how to care for your children with natural medicines and get to the root causes of your child’s issues, faster, we help prevent long term consequences.

Let’s not just band-aid and cover-up what’s going on with them. Let’s find out WHY and use safe, gentle, and effective treatments to help your child feel better faster, heal from the inside out, and set them up for lifelong wellness.Let’s  Get to the Root Cause

I may not be able to prevent those ACES, those adverse childhood events, from happening but I can be a positive person in your child’s life. 

It’s my mission to help these kids be OK no matter what life throws at them. 

It’s my mission to help build healthy, happy and hearty kids who will grow up to change the world.   starts with you… mom. 

And it starts with you… mom. It’s my mission to share with you everything I learn through my Facebook Group and on Instagram.

And I want to work with you.

I’ve been working with families for over 15 years and continually want to know how I can do it better; how I can be a better doctor, coach, mentor AND a mom.

I’m here for you. Because you don’t have to do this alone.

Talk soon,

Dr. Whitney Young, ND holds an honors bachelor’s degree in Biology and is a board certified and registered Naturopathic Doctor. She has been voted Favourite Naturopath for 7 years in Barrie, Ontario.  She has worked with numerous companies hosting wellness workshops and lunch & learns for employees to improve their energy, their health and their stress levels.  

Dr. Whitney is passionate about sharing her message of hope, healing, healthy kids and happy moms and has been on many stages recently including The Women’s Show and the LiveWell Expo.  

Dr. Whitney also regularly teaches Baby & Food Basics Classes at Serenity Birth Studio.  

 She has a love of writing and has been blogging for over a decade and recently her work has been published in The Pulse. 

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